• I could not be any happier with this bow built by the guys at Craig's Archery.  If you know me at all you know how particular I am about my hunting things and goodness gracious they did not dissapoint.  From start to finish they were in touch and put up with all of my requests AND my impatient self.  10 out of 10 would recommend doing business with these guys if you're in the market for a custom traditional bow.  Great work and even better people. 
    - Cody Canerday
  • I had never owned a custom bow.  What I got was a  beautiful wooden masterpiece  made perfectly for me.  My bow not only fits me perfectly but is a straight shooter!  The bow is quiet, quick, and flat out sexy!  Thanks for an amazing piece that I will cherish for a lifetime!
    - Justin Lanclos
  • I'm pretty pick about my traditional bows.  How they shoot, how they feel in your hand, how quiet they are and obviously how they look. The long bow that Craig's Archery built for me did not disappoint!!  It's super smooth, shoots where I look, whisper quiet and fast!  I've been really impressed with how flat the trajectory is for the lowest poundage bow I own.  To top it off, the bow is beautiful!  The Craigs are top shelf!  Although cliche, you definitly enter their shop as a stranger and leave feeling like family.  They not only build great bows but they build great friendships.  I have a feeling my relationship with both the bow and the Craig family will be lifelong.  
    - Harmon Carson
  • This is my white feather Longbow from Craig archery which I acquired last summer and to this point it's been amazing. This is a very smooth and flat shooting bow.  It's less in poundage compared to what I was shooting, however it's almost the same in speed. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks!  can I have another one?
    - Chuck Worthy
  • Just purchased a beautiful "Raptor" longbow from Craig Archery.  I couldn't be more pleased with the smooth draw, stability and quietness upon release and the excellent arrow speed.  Anyone wanting a new bow will find that Craig Archery produces an excellent bow at a very affordable price.  I found purchasing my bow was so easy because the people at Craig Archery are people of integrity and determined to meet the needs of their customers.
    - Wendyl Heffington

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