Where it all started...

I want to tell you about a man I call “Pop.” He is my dad, my mentor, and my friend. Pop and I have been shooting archery together in both tournaments and hunting for over thirty years but his archery story starts back in the fifties.
Gary Pat "Poppa" Craig first became curious about archery from watching movies at the Don Theater in Alexandria, LA.  He did odd jobs as a boy to earn enough money to be able to buy his first bow at a cost of about $15.  This was a lot of money for a boy in the 50's.  Selection was very limited and there were even fewer teachesrs or mentors to help learn the sport of archery.  

Pop watched movies from Fred Bear and Howard Hill and read what information he could find to help teach himself.  In the mid 80s, Dad and I tried our hand at compound archery and had success, but it just didn't give the same excitement as the traditional bows did.  
Pop bought us a couple of new bows, long bows to be exact, and found a group to shoot with. We had so much fun on the range that we always got dirty looks from the compound shooters. We became the traditional (trad) group that would show off at the tournaments for fun, showing all the things we could do with trad gear that couldn’t be done with a compound. It was this love for the trad gear of the longbows and recurves that led dad and a friend to dive into the bow-building world as they were just crazy enough to believe they could build reliable, flat shooting bow of their own. 
Craig’s Archery was born in 2007 under the name of “White Feather Longbows” out of love for the sport of archery and a need for equipment that performed well and was affordable. After spending over 40 years in the Dry cleaning business Gary Pat “Poppa” Craig retired.  Pop hobby woodworked for his entire life building the furniture and cabinets he needed instead of buying them. Seeing a growing need for high-performing equipment not only for himself but his growing number of grandchildren he decided to try his hand at building bows. 

...to where we are now

Pop teamed up with another retired archery buddy and together they gathered supplies and ideas. The first few dozen were uuuuugly and didn’t work well. Regardless they kept going. They gave away the early bows and each bow went out the door with the instructions: “Don’t sell it, give it to the next kid so they can have something to shoot.”

Interest in the bows grew rapidly. This hobby began getting out of hand and became a passion. The bows improved in speed, performance, and looks. 

Pop began producing adult bows soon after and by 2015 his oldest grandson was shooting his custom longbow in the 4-H National Shooting sports competition in Nebraska. 2016 the hobby became a business and was dubbed “Craig’s Archery” with my oldest son and I joining in to help build the bows. 2018 brought upgrades to the shop and new designs to the bows. 2019 brought new models and this website to help us reach out further and share our passion for archery with others. 

Craig’s Archery is the result of years of hard work, dreams, prayer, and good old-fashioned luck. Our customers have always been regarded as our new friends and family. Pop is always open for a good conversation and someone to shoot with. Give us a call and let us be a part of your next traditional archery adventure


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